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Gravity Fund

GRAVITY FUND RAIF V.C.I.C. PLC is a Registered Alternative Investment Fund established in the Republic of Cyprus and registered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, with registration number RAIF163. The Fund is an Umbrella RAIF with one Sub-Fund GRAVITY FUND I.

GRAVITY VC Fund emerges as an exciting new player within the EMEA region's technology and venture capital landscape. Backed by its Investment Advisor, Gravity Incubator, the fund draws upon a rich legacy of investing in the deep tech sector over the past 8 years.
This unique blend of operational and industry experience positions the fund as a strong contender for investors seeking exposure to groundbreaking ideas and transformative technologies in deep-tech. The fund supports startups from conceptualization to market entry and helps to make a significant global impact. This not only mitigates risk for investors but also enhances the growth prospects for the startups.


GRAVITY VC Fund was established in 2023 with a purpose to invest in impact. We empower innovators to bring their groundbreaking tech to life and make a positive global impact.


To provide a complete growth path for startups, from idea, to funding, to market.


Generate positive impact by bringing to life-improving technological advancements.
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Investment Advisor - GRAVITY Incubator

Gravity Incubator is the Investment Advisor of the Fund. It supports aspiring entrepreneurs driven by purpose and passion to create meaningful ventures with real impact on the world and that is what fuels us to stay by their side for the long haul and help them grow.

Backed by the robust support of a leading tech company CYRIC, Gravity Incubator has been operating successfully since 2015, creating a rich legacy of investing in the deep tech sector. It helps startups build complex hardware and software from the design of their first prototype all the way to production and through their entrepreneurial journey of growing and hitting the market.

Gravity Incubator has invested and supported more than 20 startups the last 8 years, demonstrating its longstanding commitment to nurturing and accelerating disruptive tech ventures. They are dedicated to investing in cutting-edge initiatives that have the potential to reshape industries.

Our Priority Verticals

Synthetic Biology
Electronics & Photonics
Robotics / Drones
Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace / UAVs
VR / AR / XR
Web3 / Blockchain

What we are Looking For



Driven by our commitment to impact investing, we are dedicated to fostering transformative deep-tech solutions that not only drive financial returns but also make a meaningful contribution to humanity and the environment.

Innovative Technology

We seek startups with breakthrough deep-tech solutions that have the potential to disrupt and revolutionize their respective industries.


We look for startups with scalable business models and the potential to achieve significant growth and expansion within their target markets.

Strong Market Potential

We prioritize startups operating in sectors with substantial market demand and growth opportunities, backed by robust market research and data.

Robust Founding Team

We value startups led by dedicated and experienced founders with a clear vision and a track record of executing strategic initiatives.


Evidence of market traction, such as user adoption, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

Our Offering

State of the Art Working Place
Access to Prototyping & Production Facilities
Access to Specialized Laboratories
Intellectual Property Support
Innovation Diagnostics
Product Certification
Small Scale Manufacturing
Business Strategy
Financial Planning
Investment Readiness
HR, Accounting and Administrative Tasks
Market penetration & Commercialisation
Support for equity-free funding applications
Access to a network of International Corporates
Networking Opportunities
Mentorship and Coaching

Investor and Startup Incentives

Certificate of Innovative Enterprises

The certificate is issued as a support tool for the usage of tax incentives for natural persons investing in an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) either directly or indirectly through an investment fund or through an alternative trading platform for venture capital investment.
Innovative Enterprises

IP Box Regime

Known also as a patent box, innovation box or IP box, is a corporate tax regime used by many countries to incentivize research and development activities by taxing revenues deriving from licenses, royalties, patents, sale or transfer of qualified IP assets differently offering lower taxes compared to other commercial revenues.

Benefits of the Cyprus IP regime: 80% of the qualifying profits earned from qualifying intangible assets are exempt from tax. With the corporate tax rate of 12.5%, this can result in an effective tax rate as low as 2.5%.
IP Box Regime

Cyprus Startup Visa

Allows talented entrepreneurs from third countries [outside the European Union (EU) and outside the European Economic Area (EEA)], individuals or a team, to enter, reside and work in Cyprus in order to establish / operate / develop a Startup with a high growth potential.
Startup visa
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We welcome investors who share our vision of supporting early-stage innovative companies and driving meaningful impact in the world of business and technology. If you are interested in investing in our VC Fund & receiving our prospectus, please contact the fund manager.

Eligible Investors:

Well Informed & Professional Investors.
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